Occupational health and safety

Our policies are designed to create a safer working environment for all, promote everybody’s duty of care obligations and support worker participation in identification and implementation of hazard reduction measures.

Health and safety policy

Occupational health and safety is achieved by providing:

  • Information training and instruction
  • Employee health and safety reference center
  • Standard operating procedures
  • OH&S hazards reporting system
  • State laws and regulations – understanding
  • National codes of practice – understanding
  • Area audits and registers
  • Safety and risk management committee
  • Continuous improvement and benchmarking to national standards

Rehabilitation policy

To ensure injured employees receive timely and appropriate medical treatment and wherever possible encourage an early return to work through development of return to work plans in consultation with employee and medical advisers. Where practical and appropriate offer interim alternative duties.

Risk management policy

To ensure everybody’s risk assessment and control measures are effective in reducing risks by identification and prevention methods as per our standard operating procedures which all combine to protect everybody within our business environment.

Continuous improvement

Our commitment to health and safety training, action systems and performance appraisal is everybody’s responsibility in achieving policy objectives in accordance with national standards.

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